Thursday, September 20, 2012

on the matter of life coach or motivational speakers

I know and appreciate some famous motivational speakers. I also understand why some people may need such "push" or encouragement from time to time. I do appreciate it but one really should be very careful as to where one gets such advice or help.

If I want to learn to swim, I would like to be taught by someone who can swim very well. Not some geek that studied mechanics of swimming by reading a book.

So why do people listen or rely on some dick who has not achieved much in professional life? I think it is a fraud. I mean, posing as some "guru" when you have no valid credentials to be talking about business or success in business environment.

C'mon! I get approached to talk about trading or mentor people. I decline. My reasons are 1) I am not a teacher, 2) I am not successful 3) I don't deserve to be paid to do something I am not qualified to do and finally 4) if you think you need help in this regard as in getting motivated, you should quit.

Motivation should come from within you. My motivation to trade everyday (well, sort of) comes from deep inside. My passion for markets or rather what a success in the markets can bring me. Once I feel the desire NOT to do so, it is time for me to quit and try something else like lecturing people on something I have no experience of and become an academic or something!!

Well, it is a free world. One is free to get fleeced by these fraudulent wannabes and listen to their BS!!

Only wish these "victims" would trade against me so I can make money. hehehehehe

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