Monday, September 12, 2011

Proud to be

I caught up with an ex-colleague and a friend of his tonight.
During an interesting evening, I was asked if I am proud to be Japanese.
hmmmmmm. This is an odd question for me. Let me explain.
Proud to be Japanese, for me would be a moment when I can stick my chest out and say, Japan is great.
As a 39 year old Japanese, moments when Japan has played a significant role in international sports are few and far between. Japanese tourists were a laughing stock internationally for their love of clicking away etc. was I ever proud of those moments? no. but I am proud when I see an orderly line to get on a train, or the way the society is so proper. let me give you an example. I bought a SIM free iPhone4 recently and proceeded to lose it on the second night of ownership. The thing was "unlocked" and I left it in a noodle shop at 2am in the morning. A few hours later when I phoned my own number the manager of the ramen shop answered to say its safe. Let me ask you. In how many countries can you lose a brand new iPhone4 and be reunited a few hours later? I am proud!!

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